What makes Top Eleven stand out from the rest of the football manager games

For a mobile game, the life cycle of more than 10 years is no doubt a big achievement. With over 50 Million downloads in Google Play itself, Top Eleven Football Manager is still standing strong with a massive number of daily gamers. Today in this article we’ll discuss why Top Eleven is still one of the best football manager game available on mobile devices.

What makes the game stand out from the crowd

While most of the other available football manager games focus pretty much on the same thing that is starting your club to bringing the best players to building a strategy for the team to win the matches, Top Eleven has a unique approach on the competitive part. You are open to the whole world with your club and fight for your position. This is what makes the game truly unique. Other than that, the deep strategies can drive the players nuts in some cases which is a great things for any management or simulation game.

Brilliant graphics and Easy to understand game-play

Football Manager comes with complexity at its core. However, Top Eleven has a very easy to understand user interface that helps the gamer to get drowned inside the game. You play for a few hours and you’re all set! Not to mention, these few hours can turn into a daily addiction.

Regular updates

Nordeus is kind enough to push regular updates for Top Eleven to keep the gamer engaged in the game. The limited time events are really something that the huge number of players look for. Sometimes they are very short, sometimes they are long enough. But these events do their job to keep the players hooked inside.

Community Engagement

Now, this is something special that connect millions of the gamer. Every few months, the team flies to a Manager to take his/her interview to share the story with the world! Its really heart-warming that how one simple can make memories that will stay forever!

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