Trick to Maintain 40% Bonus Everyday in Top Eleven (UPDATED)

Training is a major part of a football team. How your team is going to perform during the match greatly depend upon the training session. The improvement of every player as well as the entire team is also depending on the regular training. So the training sessions are needed to be perfect.

Importance of training in TE 
In TE training plays an important part for three reason

1. To maintain high training bonuses
2. To improve the skills of players
3. To improve training level and unlock new drills or improve drill level
In this article, we will discuss how to maintain 40 bonus regularly with a perfect training session.

It is important to maintain a high level of bonuses as it can affect your team performance. You can improve bonus only in the training section of the game. Higher the training bonuses better will be the performance. The maximum training bonuses you can maintain is 40. i.e. 10 from all four sections which are “attack, defense, possession, and condition”. As the new game-day begins the training bonuses decreases by 2% from each four section i.e. reduced by 8 in total. So it is important to train regularly to maintain maximum training bonuses. The following figure shows a system maintaining 40 training bonuses

“A perfect training session is the one where you can make maximum bonuses in less time and with minimum condition draining”

Selection of players:

First of all, you need to know about the selection of your players. ST, AML, AMC, AMR, ML, MR, MC are considered as attackers and minimum 4 players from this category must be selected to increase the attack bonus. DMC, DL, DC, DR, GK are considered as defensive players, so minimum 4 players from this category is needed to increase the defense bonus. Similarly, 4 midfielders [ AML, AMC, AMR, ML, MC, MR, DMC] are needed to increase the possession bonus and minimum 8 players of any position must be selected to increase the condition bonus. One player can be counted in 2 or 3 different categories. For example, if a player has AML-ML-DML positions then he will be counted as an attacker, Midfielder & defender.


It’s waste of time and condition to increase all of these four bonuses separately. So the key idea is to increase all of these bonuses simultaneously while exhausting less condition.

Many managers don’t keep enough players on their bench and reserve due to lack of tokens. Top Eleven allow us to keep 28 players so, it is advisable to keep 8 players for training purpose only. It is recommended to buy eight 3*, 4* players with 8 tokens for training purpose. (one-time investment for several seasons if you buy young players). With this, you can train your First Team players individually targeting specific skills.

To achieve this you must have 8 players from specific position  to increase your training level to 40 (4*10). Now the next question is what kind of players we should buy. For that look at the two groups of players as given below.

Group-I: AML, AMC, AMR, ML, MR, MC
Group-II:  DMC, DL, DC, DR, GK

Now we need to buy 4 players from group-I and 4 players form group-II. A multiple position player such as MR+DR  will be counted in both group.

Selection of drills:

After selecting 8 players as suggested above, the next step is to select the proper drills. Now you need to select drills as shown in the figure below (either one of them, the first one is preferable, DRILL 1). Don’t change the order of the drills. Select as shown in the figure to get a better result. In maximum case, you should achieve 40 bonuses (4 x 10) from 32 (8 x 4) by repeating the training method four times which will cost only around 26% condition of your eight players. If you use 2X video while training, then only 2 times repetition is required which will cost even lower condition of your players (around 13%).

The results of the four training sessions selecting the first drills (DRILL 1) are given below.

We hope this article will help you to maintain your training bonuses level at 10%. And please let us know if you have come across any other training combo/s as a perfect one.


  • I use the following
    Warm up – 0,75%
    Stretch – 1.5%
    Video analysis – 0.75%
    Video analysis – 0.75%
    Pass go shoot – 1.5%
    Skill drill – 0.75%
    Total – 6%
    I get from 8% to 10% in 4 trains without the x2 function

  • This is a nice post, I will check it out and give the feedback, I hope it helps as I do train all of the players together and use to believe the harder the training , the more the results …. 🙁

  • This is a nice post, I will check it out and give the feedback, I hope it helps as I do train all of the players together and use to believe the harder the training , the more the results …. 🙁

  • How about drills for forwards? In your first group are midfielders, in second one are defenders.

  • Thank you very much for this useful article. I like it. check here

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  • Ff

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