Top elevewn and Pro 11- Football management game: a comparison study.

Top Eleven is a simple to play and yet amazing football simulation game available in the gaming community on both Android, iOS and Facebook. With their amazing customizing features which can create own brand in the top eleven community, Top Eleven brings in the flexibility to start anywhere in the world with your own club, jersey kits and many more. The game offers lot of features of training players to become the next superstar of the league to efficiently scouting for the best players in the game. Top Eleven is the basic of a football management simulation and can be picked by any newbie in the genre. And now, the game just completed its 10th anniversary which is indeed a big milestone for any mobile game.

Pro 11- Football Management Game is the simulator with lot of focus on the champions’ league tournament with other national league tournaments. The uniqueness of the game lies with the fan experience of your team towards the game-play in the league matches. The game also brings in the 3D motion captured football player of the moment to make things more exciting and realistic. Stadium upgrades are also essential to improve fan experience. The game gets tough in higher leagues and may be frustrating for many though. However, the game offer much less customization option that Top eleven. So you may not get the flexibility in terms of customization that you generally get in Top Eleven Football manager.

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