Top Eleven Vs Online Soccer Manager overall Analzation

Top Eleven has improve a lot since its inception. There were times where the game was just like the normal football management game and your role was just to get the players ready before the fixtures. But recently they have been adding lot of content to the game with exciting new events and other customizing features. The trading and scouting feature is as par with the best simulation and management games in the genre. The gameplay is smooth as ever with low graphics but realistic experience. The fixtures may be sometimes painful but that is what makes a great manager. And it’s worthy to mention that Top eleven just completed its 10th anniversary!


Online Soccer Manager is very to grasp and play football simulation game. There is a need to actually better the training course of the players to be comparable with the top football management game. Apart from that the game is excellent in the trading players to scouting for the best players, it offers a plethora of tactics that the players can use to strategize their gameplay. The game has in game purchases but many players can manage by just free to play gameplay. There are some glitches found where some top players fail to perform but that can easily be fixed in the future updates. Also offers a world map and many missions to complete apart from the multiplayer gameplays. The game offers vast range of tactics unlike Top Eleven, which is rather helpful for many players. Also, each year, this game brings in a new season which refreshes the overall game for the players.


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