Top Eleven V/S Top Football manager from Gamegou

Top Eleven is one of the largest football manager simulation game in the gaming community. Recently the game has completed 10 years! Starting with a browser based game, the game has seen its launch on mobile devices. However, the most underrated feature is the game size of Top Eleven. Nordeus did a good job in developing the game with great features and game-play in a compact download size. Top Eleven also allows players to actually design soccer kits for the team which is really interesting! The game, though, lacks in the number of tactics it offers. But the game is played in almost every corner of the world, so matchmaking is very fast! You can get a match up as soon as you tap the play button and you can play max 4 friendly matches in a day.

Top Football manager from Gamegou is unlikely different from Top Eleven and do not have a legacy like Top Eleven Football Manager. Top Football Manager packs a very rich 3D graphics and animations bringing in a more realistic game-play experience. Therefore, the download size of game is very large and the game-play also requires data intensive usage. The players are given special skills to perform making them unique in their own league. The matchmaking system is different as they match up by comparing the number of matches won rather than the point you have. So here, the system is much complex which tends to give more fair matches than Top Eleven. The game also offers Soccer Association to win more rewards.


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