Top eleven Summer Shootout event guide and tips

Hello Managers,
Top Eleven has brought you back the Summer Shootout event. This event is not totally new to us we have played this event last year also. The rule and rewards are almost same. However its a great chance to grab some handsome rewards from this event. So, before we are enter in the event lets look at the rule and the others crucial things first.
1. The match will be played in real time against other managers
2. In case you lose, you can rejoin from the start of your current level.

1. The competition has different levels and each level consists of variable number of rounds.
2. To unlock a new level you must defeat others managers of current level of various rounds.
3. The last round is played against a different club.
4. The matches don’t impact upon players condition.
5. Your progress is saved after you win a match.
6. Even if players receive cards, suspension don’t apply from one match to another.
7. You only earn rewards the 1st time you progress
8. Managers have limited number of free entries
9. The competition can only be completed once.
The rewards are pretty handsome if you can complete the event.
If you can finish the event you will have
(i) 74T (Tokens)
(ii) 22 blue and green booster each
(iii) and few more things like jersey, emblem and a player

you can consult with our counter formation chart and necessary tactical change during match if you want to.

Let us know you much you enjoyed this event and collected how many rewards by commenting below.  Also don’t forget to ask if you have any doubts you feedback is valuable to us. Do join our Facebook community for more fun and activities.


  • Hello, thanks for the information, you will have some tricks to win in this event, every time I enter I lose, I do not want to spend more tokens, thanks.

  • keep two super strong player in bench and once the match starts launch them immediately. that's how you can play mind game with your opponent.

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