Top Eleven be a Football Manager game review

Published by Nordeus in May 2010, Top Eleven was initially available as a game on Facebook. After the massive popularity within a few months, the developers decided to bring it to the mobile devices. So, Top Eleven became available on Android and iOS from November 2011. And since then, the popularity has never got any worse. SO today in this article we’ll briefly look at the one of the best football management simulation game Top Eleven Football Manager.

Game-play and Contents

Gameplay wise, top eleven can be considered as the best football management simulation game for mobile devices. Nordeus are really doing a great job by keeping up with their progress in bringing regular contents over the last 10 years and keeping the community glued to the game. Players are able to explore almost all the aspects of a football manager starting from starting their own club to designing the kit to managing stadiums, tickets etc. The gameplay is easy to understand and runs smoothly on most of the devices. Also, since the game was first available on Facebook, so even if someone is not having a device or having any issue with their device, they can certainly log into their Facebook account and do their gaming part. Having this cross platform facility is definitely a blessing!

Graphics and Music

The user interface is simple enough to make the gamers understand everything at their very first try. The graphics is well optimized for almost all the available device. For the music part, the game offers exactly what the gamers might need during their game session. The music is energetic enough to delve deep into the gameplay mechanics. Additionally, its also a kind of music that players will never get bored of even after hearing for a couple of years. So good job on that part again!

Final thoughts

If you are a football fan and looking to get into the football management simulation games then you should definitely try Top Eleven. This is currently the best football manager game available for mobile devices.

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