How to win the Top Scorer Challenge in Top Eleven

 Image Source Top scorer challenge is a regular event in Top Eleven. This top scorer challenge is a great chance to give your ST or any attacker a head start at the beginning of the season. But the question is, how you can win this challenge beating all the players of the opponents. So, what […]Read More


How To Find The Most Talented Player In Your Squad

Image Source After buying a player you must measure the talent of that player. In order to decide, keep him or sell in next season. If you find the player is very talented then you must carry/keep him season after season. But if he is not enough talented then you should look for the replacement ASAP […]Read More


Trick for 10% Team Play Bonus using 9% condition in

Nordeus has introduced a new kind of training bonus called “Team Play Bonus”  or “TPB”. Now the game has two types of bonuses. One is Team Bonus and another one is Team Play Bonus. Now the question is how to keep both bonuses on the maximum level? Before rushing to the method lets understand what is […]Read More

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Most Successful Clubs in Top Eleven.

Image Source    Many of us are playing Top Eleven for years and collected so many trophies season after season.  But we don’t really have a chance to show the trophy room to the world. So, here we are presenting the 10 most successful clubs of Top Eleven (as far as our collected data). The ranking has […]Read More


Best Training Drills for Players in Top Eleven

If you have ever noticed closely then you know white skills have a greater drop rate than the gray skills at the training ground. Hence, you have to choose the drills very wisely at the time of training so that you can bring out the most using less energy. Otherwise, you will end up draining […]Read More


How to fix “No video available” problem in Top Eleven?

Are you not able to watch the ads provided by Top Eleven? In this article, you can find a few solutions which have helped many managers to fix the ‘no video available’ issue recently. Why watching videos/ads is important? In-game videos or sometimes called “ads” are one way for you to earn free items. You […]Read More

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WIN A Free Premium Jersey OR Emblem IN Top Eleven

Image source Good news everyone! We are offering you all a chance to win a brand new team jersey or emblem every week. Sounds awesome, right? Here, we are explaining what you need to do, to participate in this Jersey and Emblem giveaway program. Winner’s Reward Winner can choose any Premium item available in the store (inside the game). […]Read More


How to train your Player to become giant in disguise

Nordus never disclose their simulation factors of the match. even if they don’t say it, we know some of them such as team rating, condition & moral of the players etc. and each of these factors has their own weight on match simulation. Few days ago we come to know about another one which contributes […]Read More


Effective Use of Arrow Direction in Top Eleven

Image Source Are you confused about the arrow feature that is introduced in Top Eleven 2019? Before I am telling anything else you should know that it is not a new feature. It existed years ago, but for some reason the developers removed it. Its actually a old feature that is being re-introduced. So how […]Read More



Image Source Are you frusted of using different formation in Top Eleven and not getting satisfactory results? Are you in search of a stable formation for your team? If yes, then you are in the right place.    Top eleven gives us the flexibility to use several numbers of formations although only a few of […]Read More