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About the Blog
Top 11 pro is an independent blog producing unique articles about the game which will make the Top Eleven Managers do better progress. You can find various Tips & Stats in this blog. We are not connected with Nordeus by any means. 

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How did it Start?
During our master's degree, we (4 friends) started playing Top Eleven. We were passionate about managing a football club and someday we found Top Eleven in play store. Well it's not like a real club but at least we could have the taste of managing a football team, So we installed the game. In the beginning, we had no clue how set the tactics or how we can bring silverwares to our club, we struggled a lot. We kept on playing for years even after the Master's degree completion. After plying for 2 years we thought of sharing our experience with the other players who want to bring glory home. And one day we created this blog.

Our vision & mission
Top Eleven Pro Strives to be the land of treasure for Top Eleven players. if a new player comes and reads out all the articles he/she can easily bring glory to his/her club. Our mission is to provide the valuable experience we have gathered in a simple way to each and every player who wants to connect with us. And our vision is to make the blog's articles more perfect so that players can play this game more professionally. Also, we want to guide our visitors on the right path to manage his/her club like a professional.

About the Authors:
Mainly three authors have contributed to this article so far. All are experienced managers with a significant amount of trophies in their respective careers with a very good Trophy/Level Ratio.

Ron (Owner, developer, and author)

Level 50

 28X          19X             3X            18X

AKA ROBIN (co-developer and author)

Level 44

 40X         24X             0X             23X

Palash Bhuyan (author)

Level 35

 32X         25X             2X             20X

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