Most Successful Clubs of Top Eleven ?

   Many of us are playing Top Eleven for years and we have collected many trophies over the seasons.  But we don’t really have a chance to show them to the world. only you and your friends can see the trophies. So, we are thinking to give global exposure to the 20 most successful clubs of Top Eleven.  The ranking will be according to the number of trophies, irrespective of your manager’s level. This Article will also reflect your club legends.

   Send us your Club History (picture) at our Facebook Group (Top Eleven Galaxy) or to any admin of the Group.

1. Only the trophies count
2. Manager level will not be considered
3. International Cups will not be taken under consideration

4. This list will be updated every season.
5. You have to post your club’s all-time stat (picture)
6. Mention the club name and manager name & country along with the picture.

Here is an example of how to post the picture

Manager: Ron Salvatore, Club: Real United, Country: Germany

Feel free to ask if you have any doubt. Thank you. 

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