How to win the Top Scorer Challenge in Top Eleven Manager

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Top scorer challenge is a regular event in Top Eleven. This top scorer challenge is a great chance to give your ST or any attacker a head start at the beginning of the season. But the question is, how you can win this challenge beating all the players of the opponents. So, what formation should you use or what tactics you should go for or any other arrangement you need to set up to win this? Readout till the end to find out. 

  • This challenge is applicable for league matches only
  • The highest goal scorer of the league (after the last match ) will the top scorer.
  • Top scorer standing can be checked through league section.
  • The skill boost reward will only be rewarded to the top scorer.
  • In case of more than one top scorer, all the top scorer will be rewarded with skill boost.
  • The reward can only be claimed once even if two players become top scorer from the same club.
  • This challenge is applicable for Top Eleven current season only.

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The Method 
This top scorer challenge is not a very tough thing to win if you follow a few things and have a prolific attacker. Just follow our guide and you can easily win this challenge.

  • First of all, you need to have a poacher or prolific attacker. Preferably ST, but you can also use AMC, AML, AMR.
  • Train the attacker as Freekick Specialist.
  • Assign the player as the Penalty taker.
  • Always keep the moral high of that particular player
  • Always maintain 10% training and team bonus.
  • Always try to start the game with above 80% health so that you don’t need to substitute the player.
  • Try to maintain the overall rating (%) of the player as high as possible. (preferably, train him at the very beginning of the season and make sure his rating is at least 10% high than the average team rating)
  • Use offensive formation against weaker opponents.
  • Use offensive tactics to score more goals.
  • when you have a healthy lead switch to the more attacking formation.
  • If the player gets an injury, heal him as soon as possible.
So, these are the simple things you need to care for and you can easily win the Top Scorer Challenge. Winning this challenge gives the player a 30% finishing attribute which is very helpful to score more goals in any competition.

Let us know if this article helps you to win the challenge. We value your feedback.

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