How to train your Player to become giant in disguise in Top Eleven

Nordus never disclose their simulation factors of the match. even if they don’t say it, we know some of them such as team rating, condition & moral of the players etc. and each of these factors has their own weight on match simulation. Few days ago we come to know about another one which contributes a great weight for match simulation. In this article, I will reveal that one.

Sometimes we see a weaker team wins the match and use to play like a boss or a player in your team plays comparatively better than other players even if he has a lower rating. Now the question is how/why is that? In this article, I will tell you about how the weaker team was winning or how the player was playing efficiently and this will also reveal how to train your players.

look at the skills of this player closely. When he plays only white skills effects and grey skills doesn’t count. therefore though this player’s overall rating shows 81% but in practice (during the match) he will act like [{(105+110)+(97+93+92+86)+(90+84+89)}/9]= 94% (which is the average of the white skills ) overall rated player.
So, here comes the training trick. The more you train the white skill the better your player become. But green boosters or health condition becomes the constraint. therefore you have to handle this constraint strategically to get edge over other managers.

When you train your ST (choose only st optimize training drills) or other positioned players choose their preferable training drills for best output. Click here to see the optimized drills for each position. So, if you can train your players accordingly you can become a GIANT in disguise. And this is the one of the ultimate trick we come to know after playing for years.

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