How to fix “No video available” problem in Top Eleven?

Are you not able to watch the ads provided by Top Eleven? In this article, you can find a few solutions which have helped many managers to fix the ‘no video available’ issue recently.

Why watching videos/ads is important?

In-game videos or sometimes called “ads” are one way for you to earn free items. You can use this feature to earn boosters or cash for your team. Managers usually watch videos to increase their “rest packs (also known as Green packs)” because it helps to improve player skills with repeated training followed by rest packs injection. Managers at lower also use this feature to earn “cash” to increase the budget as maintaining a healthy budget is a serious challenge at the lower level (Usually 1-5 levels). So watching videos help to improve the team condition in different ways. Presently the game is providing us with 25 videos (and sometimes few extra videos which can be used directly to the players in terms of Moral, Rests, and Treatment packs) every 24 hoursCommon reasons for not getting ads We often see managers complaining about not able to get videos. Sometimes the game says the “The video service provider does not have any videos available at the moment. Please try again later” and the ads button will turn into black like below.

top Eleven No video available
Top Eleven No Video Available

This problem generally happens due to the 24 hours rule about which you may be aware of. What is the “24 hours rule“? (Don’t have any videos available for the day?) The new Top Eleven rule of watching videos is that you can’t watch more than 25 videos within 24 hours. The rule was different (and better) in earlier versions. According to the earlier rule, you can watch 25 (or 30 in the much old version) videos in a “top eleven-day”. A “top eleven-day” is the time between the start of the new day in the game to the end of the day. But according to the new rule you have to wait 24 hours to get a new video after you have finished watching 25 videos. You will get a new video 24 hours from the time of the first of the 25 videos you have watched recently. Then you will get another video from the time of the second of the 25 videos you have watched recently. 
So patience is the key here!!!
Sometimes the issue is different. When you tap the button to watch an ad, it continues loading forever just like below. 

top eleven No video available

Restarting the game sometimes fixes this issue. But if it restarting doesn’t help then there are other solutions to fix the issue which are as follows.

1) Stable Internet Connection

Slow internet connection is another reason the availability of new Ad doesn’t appear. So you need to check your internet connection and restart the game. Also, we have got feedback that, in rare cases, the issue arises if you are using WiFi connection    

2) Clearing Cache and Game data

By clearing the Cache and Game Data many managers are able to fix this ‘No Video Available’ issue. I will give you the steps to this method with screenshots for both Android and iPhone. 

Android Users:

Step I
Go to your phone setting  and tap on installed apps

Step II
Search for “Top Eleven” and select it 

Step III
Select “Clear data” and then “Clear All Data”

Top Eleven No video available

iPhone Users:


**After clearing Game data when you reload the game it will download and update the Game-data. But don’t worry, it will not affect your team or game setting

3) By Resetting Google Advertising Ad ID (Android Only)

If the problem is not fixed after using all the above-mentioned solutions then you can go for this method. But I recommend you to use this method as a last resort the get the videos back as there has been a saying that following this method violates the Top eleven terms and condition. Also, there is a rumor that using this method makes the problem worse.

But I have not met any managers who have used this method and faced any such consequences. Rather I have found this method has helped managers to get back the videos. So I recommend you to use this method as a last resort and at your OWN RISK.
The steps to the solution are as follows.

Android Users:

Step I
Go to your phone setting  and select “Google”

Top Eleven No Video Available

Step II
Under “Google”, select “Ads”

Top Eleven No Video Available

Step III
Under “Ads” select “Reset Advertising ID”

Top Eleven No Video Available

That’s it!

Things not to do!!

Never use VPN or related techniques to fix the problem. Some managers might have found it useful to use VPN and changing the location to get the videos back. But I have met many managers whose Top Eleven accounts have been deleted or blocked due to the use of VPN. So never go for it even if someone is recommending it

Let us know if this ‘no video available’ article was helpful or not and feel free to ask if you have doubt about anything. We will appreciate your valuable feedback

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  • I can't find in my phone Google reset advertising Id.
    So i have to wait for videos

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