How To Find The Most Talented Player In Your Squad In Top Eleven

After buying a player you must measure the talent of that player. In order to decide, keep him or sell in next season. If you find the player is very talented then you must carry/keep him season after season. But if he is not enough talented then you should look for the replacement ASAP and suggested to sell the player next season.  Now the question is, ‘How to measure the talent of a player?’  Read till the end to find out. 

To win most of the matches you need a talented squad and to register your team name at the top of the table or to win CL/CUP you need match winners, like CR7 or Messi. It’s true that super/extremely talented players are very hard to find but you can sign talented players (like Bale, Hazard, Pogba) easily if you keep your eyes open while buying new players. Click here to know, how to buy talented players. But if mistakenly Jones or Welbeck is signed, you better put him in bench or find someone better.

We have tried various combinations of training drills over the course of time and finally found out GYM is the best drill to measure the talent or to train special ability for all players irrespective of the positions. There are three factors you need to keep in mind while measuring the talent.
1. Age of the player.
2. Overall rating of the player.
3. Training Drill level.

We have carried out the experiment with 18years old player having an overall rating of 90% (around) and with World Class training drill. Now look at these pictures and after that, I will explain more things.

Extremely Talented Players

Talented Players

Average Players

Below average Players

Energy Consumption Rate
The average energy consumption for a player to gain/drop a skill/position as follows…
Extreme Talented: 10-12%
Talented: 14-16%
average: 18-20%
Below Average: 22-24% or more

Explanation of the Factors

Effect of Overall Rating
A player with a high overall rating will consume more energy to gain skill, therefore, you might think he is not enough talented. but that’s may not be the truth. We generally buy players having 80%-99% rated players and the growth rate changes at 75%, 85%, 95% 105% and so on.
Hence, below 85% player may consume 11% energy to gain a skill but he can still be normally talented instead of extremely talented. So you have to consider this as well.

Training Drills

There are four levels of training drills. The world-class level, which has the highest impact on the player. is the 4th level of training drills.  So if you have a lower level of training drills you might get lesser output.

Age FactorAt the age of 18, a player has the highest growth rate. So you need to consider accordingly if you want to measure a higher aged player. To know more about Age-Growth relations Click Here.

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