How to Create a Club Legend in Top Eleven?

Every club has its own legacy and club legends. The name of these legends is written in golden letters in the club history. Many players come and go but only a few become the club legends and they are not ordinary players. Similarly, when you play top eleven for several seasons your club starts building history and you create legend while playing the game. The history of your club is shown in the “club history” tab in the game and which can also be seen by other players. Therefore, it reflects your managerial skills and needs to be enough classy. So, how can we create such legends like Pele, Maradona or Messi, or someone else? Let’s see what are the simple things we need to take care of to create a club legend.

Road to Club Legend

1. Find the most talented young/youth (18yrs old) player. [Read here how to find them]
2. Make sure they play almost all the matches.
3. Train them properly. [ Training tips ]
4. Make sure he gains at least 20% skills so that he starts next season with full strength. 5. In case he gets an injury, heal him immediately.
6. Use your videos to collect green boosters.

So, these are the simple steps to create club legends. if you follow these steps then the player can easily maintain his quality till the end of his career and finally take retirement from the club. Always remember if he doesn’t gain 20% skills he will start lagging behind and with time he will become below average. So, you have to take care of this point very carefully.

One more thing that might come into your mind that is what about the grey skills. in that case, I would like to say don’t bother about grey skills. let them be 1%, it won’t affect his game. His white skills (according to position) are more important. Focus on white skills to improve his game-play efficiency.

Top Eleven Club Legend

Additionally, start the match with a 10% training bonus for favorable game results which will ultimately reinforce the stats of your club legend. So, these are the simple things you have to keep in mind if you want to create a club legend.

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