Effective Use of Arrow Direction in Top Eleven

arrow direction in top eleven
Are you confused about the arrow feature that is introduced in Top Eleven 2019? Before I am telling anything else you should know that it is not a new feature. It existed years ago, but for some reason the developers removed it. Its actually a old feature that is being re-introduced. So how to use it?
One of the most crucial and key things in your lineup is the use of arrow direction. In most of the cases, you can face problem to assign arrow to a player during a match. Wrong arrow direction may cause bad performance of a team. For instance, you can see sometimes your DC go too far up in the field and that results in conceding counter-attacking goals. In this article, we will discuss some trick to use Arrow smartly and effectively.

If you are facing a higher opponent, first of all, your mentality should be normal or defensive with the low press. In this case, you need to have at least 6 players including the GK below the center line. Now If you suppose play 4-5-1 (V STYLE) then the arrow direction of your all defenders should be downwards. All other players should be normal.

If you go down conceding a goal, you can give up arrow to your two Midfielders.

Similarly, if you play 4-1-4-1, the arrow of defenders should be down and others normal. In case you are losing, you can give up arrow to MC or ML MR considering your attack direction i.e through the middle or down both flanks.

If you face a weaker opponent, you can give up arrow to DL and DR, but the arrow direction of DC should always be downwards. Suppose you are playing an attacking formation i.e more players above the center line, then you should opt for the high press. If you are playing AML AMR AMC then it is better to keep the arrow of this 3 up or normal, but never downwards. Arrow Direction of a Striker should always be normal. Up arrow results in offside.

If you are facing an equal opponent, first off all you should have a balanced formation. For instance, 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 4-3-2-1,4-1-2-1-2, these formation are balanced. These formations balance both attack and defense. In this case, you should play with the normal mentality, pressing should be according to your convenience. Similarly, here also you should give a downward arrow to DC, normal to DL and DR. Direction of midfield players is according to your opponent formation.

IF you are playing an AMC then you can give UP arrow to him. The direction of ST is again Normal.

Rest you can tweak your formation, mentality, arrow direction according to the match situation.
Hope this will help you somewhat and bring success to your club. Don’t forget to comment if have any problem to understand anything. We will try out best to solve your problem.


  • Should I use hard defending or just defensive when facing a favourite?

  • Defending is enough. But my suggestion is put the players on own half at least 6 players. And try to use long ball and force counter attack.

  • Nani

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