An Overall comparison of Top eleven with Soccer Manager 2020

Top Eleven brings in the joy and stress management of soccer game. The game can be played from anywhere, may it be the google play store or apple store or Facebook. The game is played by million of football loving fans who are interested in casual football gaming in their ideal time and is a type of stress reliever. Yet it packs everything a football manager needs to have, from trading players to range of competition modes. The game is quite popular in the football simulation community with lots of amazing features. And more interestingly, Top Eleven has just completed its 10th anniversary which is certainly a big milestone for any mobile game since the life cycle of any mobile games do not generally considered that much. So we can surely say that Top Eleven is a game that players can play for a long time without any second thought.

Soccer Manager 2020, on the other hand, is yet another addition to the Soccer Manager series. The game has improved a lot since its inception on mobile devices. The interesting feature that Soccer Manager has is the live tactical changes reacting to the opponents during the game which is totally unique. This feature isn’t available in Top Eleven or most of the football manager games that are currently available in the market. But there are reports of glitches and bugs interacted quite often during the gameplays which the developer may address in the future updates. The game has a sophisticated system of player trading, so you have to be smart to get the better out of these features.

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